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November 6th Election to Determine Parties for Next 4 Years

The vote for Governor determines which parties get automatic ballot access until 2022.
Besides the two major parties, the six other parties seeking to retain their ballot status by getting at least 50,000 votes
are the Green, Conservative, Independence, Working Families, Women's Equality, and Reform parties.
Only the Greens are running their own candidate, Howie Hawkins.
The Conservative and Reform parties are cross-endorsing the Republican, while the
Working Families, Women's Equality, and Independence parties are cross-endorsing the Democrat.

In addition, two other candidates have petitioned to be on the ballot.
Stephanie Miner, former mayor of Syracuse, is running under the SAM (Serve America Movement) label.
Larry Sharpe is the Libertarian Party candidate.
If either gets 50,000 votes, their parties will have lines on the ballot for 4 years.

Only the vote for Governor counts for ballot status, but there are statewide races for Attorney General, Comptroller and U.S. Senator as well.
Independent and minor party candidates are also running in local races around the state, although most races have only one or two candidates.



Independents Voted in the Primary on September 13, 2018!

This is the first year ever that every independent in the state was able to vote in a primary.
The Reform Party allowed unaffiliated voters to vote in their primary.
Turnout was many multiples of Reform Party enrollment statewide, so lots of unaffiliated voters took advantage of the opportunity.

Results show Nancy B. Sliwa won the race for NYS Attorney General against two opponents and a strong write-in vote.
But Christopher B. Garvey will still be on the November ballot as the Libertarian candidate.

There were also local races in many places.
In New York City, there were opportunities to write in candidates for state legislature in much of Queens and Staten Island, as well as
parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn. There was also a two-way race for Surrogate Court Judge throughout Staten Island.
To learn about races in other parts of the state, contact your county Board of Elections - many of them have web sites where results are listed.




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